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Marine Mining Corp. is developing a large off-shore mineral concession, extending over 240 kilometers along the shallow continental shelf of Ghana, West Africa. The concession has a total area of 10,000 kilometers. We have defined significant offshore aggregate resources and are setting up two small aggregate and gold recovery operations. Findings will determine scope for Marine Mining planning and arranging a financing for setting up large full scale plant operations.

Several factors have come together making the Concession extremely valuable at this time. The Ghanaian economy is booming and construction aggregates are in short supply. Ghana has few natural sand and gravel aggregate deposits for the making of concrete and concrete products. The cost of dredging and on shore aggregate processing indicates that the Company can generate a profitable business given today's prices for quality aggregates in Ghana.

Mapping and sampling to date has indicated that powerful marine currents and a favourable submarine topography have combined in concentrating not only gold, but other valuable minerals in the shallow waters of this continental shelf. More detailed mapping and sampling in the designated areas is required to more accurately estimate grade and volume for determining full scale operations.

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